Cat Jokes

David Lubar

Why do cats make terrible story tellers?

They only have one tail.


When is it hard to hear a cat?

When it speaks in whiskers.


What do you say to a cat when it goes off to work?

Have a mice day.


What is a cat's favorite color?



Do cats like Mother Goose?

Yes, but they prefer furry tails.


What's the roughest part of a cat?

The part where you try to get it to do what you want.


Why is a cat's song funny?

Because it's always a-mewwww-sing.


Why is a thirsty cat like a track runner?

He keeps going back for one more lap.


What magazine do cats like to read?

Good Mousekeeping.


Why is an angry cat like a story teller?

Its tail gets bigger and bigger.


Can a cat beat a lion?

No, but it can always lick itself.


Copyright © 1996 by David Lubar

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