David Lubar

The Ear, the Eye, and the Drumstick—a fabulous collection of recipes for those leftover and rarely used parts of the turkey.

Cranberries for Sal—in which a young girl realizes that her life is bogging down.

Pippy Lumpstuffings—a spunky redhead, left on her own by a self-indulgent, career-driven father, manages to make a passable Thanksgiving feast for herself and her horse.

The Very Hungry Relatives—a horror novel that might be upsetting to younger readers.

The Jelly Postman—in similar fashion to Frosty, a tale of a civil servant sculpted from cranberry jelly by a bored lad and animated by some unspecified magic.

The Noshing House—actually more concerned with the day after Thanksgiving, but extremely satisfying and fulfilling.

Fowl Moon—a youngster learns a lesson about shopping at outdoor markets with bad lighting and, after bringing home a duck instead of a turkey, tries to defend her actions with all sorts of poultry excuses.

Jeremy Thatcher, Turkey Hatcher—in which a boy establishes a telepathic link with a turkey and discovers it has no thoughts whatsoever.

"FAVORITE BOOKS FOR THANKSGIVING" Copyright © 1997 by David Lubar

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