Get Me There Again

David Lubar

In 2009, I had so many winter flights scheduled, and so many horrrible memories from 2008, that I decided to try to improve things with a winter travel challenge.The good news is that I'm not flying to any schools this winter. The bad news is that I'm driving all over PA, NJ, and DE. I have nine school visits scheduled during January, February, and March. I also have a frightening ability to attract terrible weather. (Some schools in rural areas book me in the spring because they need the rain.) To try to fix my bad travel karma, I have set aside $1 for my favorite charity, Second Harvest of the Lehigh Valley. Yes, a whopping dollar. If I make it to my first destination of the winter, I will double the amount. The same for my second destination. Math whizzes among you will instantly realize that 9 successful arrivals will bring the total to $512. If a visit gets rescheduled, that still counts. (I really want to give the full amount.)

How can you help? Two ways. Whatever clout you have with the universe—be it prayer, incantations, or just lots of positive mojo, please send it my way on the dates listed below. The other way—give something, yourself. It doesn't have to double. Pick an amount. A dollar. Ten dollars. Ten cents. And donate that amount to your favorite charity each time I get where I'm going. It might help. And it can't hurt.

Date Where I want to go Status Total
January 18th Absecon, NJ The freezing rain that coated much of NJ and PA didn't reach this part of the coast. School opened on time and I had a great visit. $2.00
January 25th New Brunswick, NJ An early dusting of snow made the drive agonizingly slow, but I got there on time and spoke to some great kids. $4.00
January 28th Morris Plains, NJ We rescheduled from the 27th, when NJ and PA got clobbered. Anticipating bad roads, I left home at 5:30 AM. The road were fine. I arrived at 6:45. This was a bit early for my 8:20 assembly, but I was just happy to be there. $8.00
January 31st Bethlehem, PA Rescheduled for February 7th. My closest event—just a couple miles down the road. I got there with no problem. $16.00
February 8th Middletown, DE The storm swung far enough to the south that Middletown only got a dusting. I spent an amazing three days there, speaking to some of the best classes I've ever had the pleasure to meet. $32.00
February 16th Jenkintown, PA 50 degrees! I took back roads and had a beautiful drive down route 611 along the Delaware River. The kids were a lot of fun. $64.00
February 23rd Lititz, PA About five inches of snow fell the morning I headed down, but it all melted before I got there. As for the visit, the kids were so much fun, I had a hard time leaving. $128.00
March 1st Macungie, PA Easy trip, amazing kids. When did middle-schoolers get so nice? They're supposed to be monsters. $256.00
March 14th Emerson, NJ Beautiful weather. Amazing day with fabulous kids and an enthusiastic staff. The principal sat in on all three sessions, and I had lunch with kids who taught me a bunch of riddles. $512.00

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