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I was raised on books. They're not bad with ketchup

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Where to find my books

My books are available in many bookstores. If your local store doesn't have the book you want, they can order it for you. Most stores are happy to do this. There is no extra charge for the service. Feel free to suggest to store managers that they order massive quantities of all my books. To find your nearest independent bookstores, click here, then enter your zip code:

If you shop online, you can find my books at the major internet booksellers. Be careful not to order the more-expensive library-bound versions by accident. Here are links to several major online bookstores.

Shop for my books at

Shop for my books at

You might also find some of my books at your local library. And you can definitely find lots of other great books there. Most libraries can borrow a book they don't have from another library. There's no charge for this service, either.